Monday, January 7, 2008

The Man for Me

My friend Maddy Wyatt is becoming quite the NYC songstress, having released her debut album, Backdive, last summer, and playing gigs throughout the five boroughs and beyond. But, more on her at a later date. She's written an ode to the man who will be our next president, and she has the song as a free download on her website, here.

I've known that I'm going to vote for Barack since long before he ever announced that he was running. Back during his state senator days, he gave the closing keynote address at an April 2004 conference I helped organize in celebration of the anniversary of the Brown vs. Board decision, held at the College of Law at the University of Illinois. It was a pretty amazing conference, with speakers including Julian Bond, the chairman of the NAACP, and Neville Alexander, the co-founder of South Africa's National Liberation Front and prisoner with Nelson Mandela on Robbin Island, among many others. Obama spoke to a small audience of maybe 50-75 people, and was highly impressive on every level. I was instantly drawn to him. I could go on waxing poetically about the experience, but it's all been said before by many others, including Maddy in this song! I got his autograph and shook his hand, which I knew was special even back then.

Here's Maddy's video. Click the link above to download the song and spread the love! 'Tis all the rage in NYC!

Below: Maddy Wyatt - "Man for Me (Ode to Barack)" [music video]

On a related note, here's some pretty trippy Barack fun!


Leeanthro said...

I wonder if that photo was taken down south in Metropolis, IL. One of our friends used to work on a gambling boat there.

Dan S said...

Why does Obama look so unhappy? It is almost as if he knows this picture will eventually make its way onto La Tete Du Roi...

I've heard a slightly different version of your story from everyone I know who has seen him speak, even before he was a senator. The theme is always: This guy is impressive - someone to watch for because he is going to high places.

I so hope he wins the nomination. He would be unbeatable in the general election.

La Tete said...

Methinks that is Obama looking heroic , not sad, Dan. I imagine that he's very proud to have made the hallowed pages of this blog, thank you very much, and I await a national press release from his campaign any day now noting that he's been featured thusly.

I agree as to the unbeatability of him. I'm not anti-Hillary...but I think there are too many people, including Democrats/liberals, who just don't like her all that much. I'm not confident that she could pull out a victory in the end.

Leeanthro, yep, I believe you are correct. It's gotta be Metropolis!

Thank you both for the comments!