Friday, June 20, 2008

Gotta Have You

I first randomly came across Deb Talans' intensely unique voice four or five years back...I have no idea how, but I remember listening to some tunes on her website and really liking them. But, I soon forgot the website and then her name, and she seemed to become lost in the sands of time. Then, earlier this spring, her voice came back to me in a daydream, and I made a concerted effort to track her down...and boy oh boy I'm glad I did.

Since last I met Deb, she done got hitched and formed a duo: The Weepies. Their music is beautiful. You should listen to it.

One song of theirs that I listened to over and over again off of their MySpace page (b/c I'm a poor bastard that can't afford to buy albums right now) was "Stars". I'm not sure why...there's just something about it. Much to my chagrin, they then took the song off of MySpace, and, after not being able to find it anywhere else on the interweb, I found this video on YouTube. It is not made or sponsored by the group...just a homemade video by some dude. I admit that the first multiple times I played the video I didn't even watch it -- just listened. But then, seeing bits and pieces of it started to intrigue me, and after watching it in full, the impact of this amazing piece of art really affected me. This is one emotional and heartbreaking won't fully hit you until the end, when you realize what the whole thing's about. I've watched it over and over, taking in Deb's voice, and appreciating again the beautiful song, story, and message.

Watch it once and then click on the 'comments' below for the story behind the video, from the creator. It'll make you Weepie.

Below: The Weepies - "Stars" [video]

And another lovely song:

The Weepies - "Gotta Have You" [MP3 (in new window)]

Official Band Site | Buy the Album (Say I Am You)
MySpace (listen to "World Spins Madly On" first)