Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than Flugelhorns & Modern Dance

Beirut, a 21-year-old from New Mexico who so far has released one full album (Gulag Orkestar, which was considered by many chic artsy hipsters to be one of the best albums of 2006) and two EPs, is one insanely-talented young gentleman. I'd never heard of him until the morning AFTER he played an incredibly teeny venue in Urbana last October to rave reviews, and I fear he's already getting too big to come back here again anytime soon. Honestly, I'm more a great admirer and appreciator of his music at this point than I am a huge fan -- I dig his music, but for some reason I'm not inclined to listen it to every day like some of the other bands I'm passionate about (Sufjan, I'm looking at you) -- but my appreciation has grown much stronger after seeing this video for his song "Elephant Gun". It is, simply put, beautiful. Modern dance, ukuleles, accordions, long strips of flowing fabric, fun costumes, confetti, and a flugelhorn (ok, I admit, I'm not totally sure as to exactly what sort of odd-looking brass instrument that is) -- what more could one ask for? And, I am supremely jealous of that mustache and coiffure.

Beirut - "Elephant Gun" [video]

Official Band Site | Buy the Album
MySpace (listen to "Postcards from Italy" & "Scenic World")

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